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Prof. Manish Saxena
HOD Mechanical
M.E., Phd (Pursuing)
Mechanical Engineering is a core branch of engineering and covers the broadest engineering disciplines. This engineering field provides an understanding of core concepts like mechanics, kinetics, thermodynamics, material science, structural analysis and industrial engineering & management. Mechanical Engineering uses these core principles along with tools like computer – aided equipment and machinery , heating and cooling systems , transport systems , aircraft , watercraft , robotics etc . One can say that from manufacturing of a needle to space craft manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering plays an important role.

The job opportunities for various graduates in mechanical engineering remain consistently good with the rapid rate of expansion in the industrial sector in India as well as abroad. They have opportunities in many industries private or public sectors. In the government sector , fresher’s can join as assistant engineer.

Hence a mechanical engineer has an excellent motivation to work in different fields for the development of the society, nation as well as for their own growth. Mechanical Engineering is also concerned with planning and utilization of production facilities and personnel to improve efficiency of operation in industrial establishments.

  • Basic Mechanical Engineering Lab
  • Engineering Graphics Lab
  • Theory of Machine Lab
  • Strength of Material Lab
  • Machine Tool & CNC Lab
  • Heat Engine Lab
  • Refrigeration and Air - Conditioning Lab
  • Heat & Mass Transfer Lab
  • Thermal Engg. & Thermodynamic Lab
  • CAD & CAM Lab
  • Automobile Lab
  • Hydraulics Lab
  • Project Lab
  • Mechanical Vibration Lab
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The Department of Mechanical Engineering has a well qualified faculty. They have vast experience in teaching & research. They used to respond to industrial problems by offering their technical experience. They are highly motivated in grooming the students academically in addition to development of their personalities.

Experience -

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