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Civil laboratory

fully developed civil laboratory houses all the major equipments for testing of material like cement, concrete and bricks, etc and all necessary equipments to perform the survey like auto levels, theodolites, etc for helping students to understand the practical part of civil engg.

Chemistry laboratory

The chemistry lab provides all the latest equipment  for testing fuels and lubricants  redwood viscometer, bomb calorimeter, pensky martin apparatus, cleaveland apparatus, muffle furnace, electric oven, etc. Equipments for water testing and alloy analysis encourage students to experiment and evolve Knowledge

Electrical and Electronics Laboratory

Open and Short circuit test setup, Auto transformer, Dc motor, ratio and polarity test, RL, RC, RLC circuit test setup Resonance phenomenon R-L-C setup, Osclillator, Load box, Single Phase transformer, cathode ray oscilloscope, Amplifiers, logic gate trainer etc.

Engineering Mechnics & Basic Machenical Engg. laboratory.

Polygon Force apparatus, Jointed roof truss, bell crank lever, Simple Jib crance, Bending Moment apparatus, Fly Wheel, Lancashire boiler, Cochran and Comish boiler different kinds of Saftey values, expansion steam trap, model of two stroke and four stroke petrol engine and diesel engine etc.
Engineering Workshop

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