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Vice Principal- Prof. Mohit Maheshwarkar

Prof. Mohit Maheshwarkar is M. Sc. Gold Medalist with specialization in Physical Chemistry (1968). He obtained his Ph. D. from Vikram University, Ujjain (MP) in the field of Analytical Chemistry (1971). He was Visiting Scientist at India Institute of Sciences, Bangaluru and carried out work in the field of single crystal x-ray structure analysis. He was awarded National Fellowship and National Associateship by the University Grant Commission, New Delhi to continue his work at the Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangaluru. He was awarded the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt fellowship by Humboldt Foundation, Germany (March 1982). He was appointed as a professor of Physical Chemistry at University of Mauritius, Reduit, Mauritius (1990-1994) by the Government of Mauritius. Prof. Bhagwat has presented his research work at national and international conferences. He was a resource person at various universities and delivered lectures in the field of Quantum Mechanics Group Theory.

Prof. Bhagwat has published more than sixty research papers in national and international journals. Twenty two students have obtained their Ph. D and over 50 students have submitted their M. Phil dissertations under his supervision. Prof. Bhagwat is life member of International Union of Crystallography and Indian Council of Chemists.

Prof. Bhagwat has been a member of Board of Studies of Vikram University, Ujjain (MP), APS University, Rewa (MP) and RGPV, Bhopal (MP). He has been an expert member of selection committees of various universities including RGPV.

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