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Prashanti Group of Institutions was set up primarily to provide technology and management professionals of the highest caliber who would engage in research, design and development to help build the nation towards self reliance in its technological needs.

Today the institute is globally recognized as one of the centers of academic excellence as well as its environmental beauty, and is reputed for

  • the outstanding caliber of the students graduating from it
  • the dynamic and relevant academic programs
  • contribution to national developmental projects through its research activities

For the Institute, the true worth of its activities, in the long run, is the success of its alumni. To assist in strengthening the link with alumni, the Institute has setup alumni office. It makes the Institute proud to know that its alumni have achieved success in their endeavors and reached the highest positions in all fields - whether research, academics, industry, entrepreneurship, or management.

Many alumni who have had a good learning, research and social experience during their study are, unsure how to continue their pleasant association with the Institute. The Prashanti Alumni Association is one forum for doing so.

The Alumni Office offers alumni the chance to keep up with the happenings at Institutions and interact in more than one way, such as:

  • Technical collaboration in projects
  • Professional network
  • Academic collaboration
  • Recruitment of graduates
  • Use of other Institutions facilities such as Library, Guest House

The Alumni Office also helps alumni to maintain contact with other alumni. So make the most of the Alumni Association and feel free to set up and execute your own pet alumni related project under the umbrella of the Prashanti Alumni Association.

Click here to register as alumni

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